Richa Sharma responds to Dhamala ko Hamala interview, Saturday Gossip

In response to the interview Rishi Dhamala took of actress Richa Sharma, her fans were very disappointed by Rishi’s questions. They accused Rishi Dhamala being unprofessional and ruthless.

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Here is the full response of Richa a Facebook post:

To all my Family, Friends, Media and Admirers from all over the world, I have been receiving hundreds of messages after Dhamala shows and I can’t thank you all enough for the support you have shown and to everyone who asked me why i went to his show here is the answer:

As an artist its part of my profession to attend interviews. We can only hope that the host knows his professional ethics and his boundaries… I think Rishi Dhamala ji should ask his wife about questions to be asked to a women, If she cant help him no one can. We can always argue in such situations during an interview and I strongly reject the idea of walking out rather confront him on his show and that’s exactly what I did. This man needs to know what present day women is all about.

After her response, many have watched the interview and appreciated the way Richa dealt with the question about the relationship between Richa and Vinay when they were in relationship.

May be because of excessive amount of reaction from the viewers, the interview video was offline for a while. Now, it is available  here. Rishi is currently in Canada at his wife’s parental home. He was interviewed in Canada.

Did you watch the video ? What do you think of Dhamala’s questions to Richa Sharma?

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Watch it here…

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