Jan 102014

This Love and Life program was shown in TTV.

In this episode, journalist Rishi Dhamala and his newly wed wife Aliza Gautam talk about their love and married life. A resident of Canada, Aliza is also a model. She had participated in a Mrs. Nepal beauty contest. This video was posted on January 9, 2014.

UPDATE: October, 2015

Rishi Dhamala and Aliza had a daughter at the end of 2014. The age gap between Aliza and Rishi was one of the factors people were worried about for their long term relationship. The birth of their first child is an indication that the relationship is going to last longer.

Rishi Dhamala went to Canada in Dashain 2015. Here is an interview of Dhamala in Canada.

rishi dhamala aliza dhamala and daughter dashain 2015

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