Jul 162014

Topic of the day – Employment and Social Security
Program – BBC Nepali Sewa, Sajha Sawal
Episode – 348

This is a budget edition of Sajha Sawal. It is a discussion on the government priorities for the unemployed, poor and disadvantaged Nepali people. The participants of the show discuss on the government’s social security and employment. The concerned government and non-government authorities participating in the program are Irrigation Minister NP Saud, ex-minister and CPN Maoist leader Hisila Yami and Aging Nepal’s Krishnamurari Gautam.

The program is conducted by the new anchor – Bidhya Chapagain. Bidhya had been working in the production of the program for the last three years. She is the first female presentation of Sajha Sawal program.

sajha sawal

Watch the full episode:

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