Shooting Report Of Jyoti Magar’s Teej Song Video

Highlights of this video:

  • Interview of singer and model Jyoti Magar.
  • Meri Bassai artist Darsane and Bhadragol’s artists Cockroach and Balay are featured in this video.
  • Interview of Bhadragol artist Balay (Sagar Lamsal), Cockroach and Meri Basai artist Darsane.
  • Interview of dance director Sankar BC.
  • This Teej Song Video is made on a drama.
  • Interviews of popular folk singer Shreedevi Devkota and Prakash Katuwal are also included in the video.
  • Bhadragol artists Balay (Sagar Lamsal) and Cockroach are featured in double roles in this video.

Shooting Report

Watch the full shooting report

Watch the final music video:

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