Singh Durbar, Telefilm with English sub-title (All episodes)

singh durbarTelefilm – Singh Durbar
Starring – Gauri Malla, Bhintuna Joshi, Alok Thapa, Ramesh Ranjan, Anil Pandey, Praween Khatiwada, Pramod Agrahari
Director – Tsering Rhiter Sherpa

A 13-Episode television serial, “Singha Durbar” is a political story of collaborative leadership and good governance. The serial featuring actress Gauri Malla in leading role tells the story of the workings of the central government of Nepal.

The TV series is funded by USAID and is produced by Search for Common Ground Nepal, in association with the production partner Mila Productions.

1st Episode is at the end of the page, updates on the top:

Episode 13 (Last one)
This is the last part of the 13-parts “Singhdurbar” television serial. In this episode, the Prime Minister, Asha completes her tenure and prepares to declare the election.

Watch this episode to know:
Will the PM keep her popularity by declaring the election
Will the coalition party support her?

Episode 13

Episode 12

The PM’s father has disappeared mysteriously. Will the people know the truth about the PM’s father? The captain of the National Cricket team proposes to hold the Cricket World Cup in Nepal. Will she be successful in convincing the authority to host the Cricket World Cup in Nepal?

Episode 11

Before the announcement of the budget, Prime Minister Asha starts a regional public consultation. There is a huge expectation from the government but, the PM has to go through severe oppositions in her works. The press advisor of the prime minister, Bishwash’s social discrimination scandal is another headache to the PM. Bishwash’s same-sex boyfriend have to go through societal challenge on their same-sex relationship.

Episode 10 of Singh Durbar:

The blogger – Nabin, starts a public campaign to demand the release of his father, imprisoned by the chairperson of the PM’s party. The Prime Minister and her team call a conference to address the issue of climate change. Watch the episode to know if Nabin gets justice. Will Prime Minister Asha succeed in making other countries accountable towards climate change?

Episode 9

Episode 9 Details – Nabin, the blogger uncovers the truth about his father’s imprisonment 8 years ago. The present Home Minister Jha had covered the truth to preserve negotiations with the armed group who were committing violence. Will Nabin confront Jha? Will Jha confess the truth? How will Prime Minister Asha deal with this situation? To find out watch episode 09 of Singha Durbar TV Series.

Episode 8

Episode 8 Details – A destructive earthquake hits Baglung. The Chief Secretary is grilled by the press when a new bridge collapses. Prime Minister Asha is faced with a major dilemma – whether to continue with a high level international visit, or visit the people affected by the earthquake. She feels torn between her home duties and her duties as the Prime Minister.

Episode 7

Episode 7 Details – Violence dictates the announcement of student union elections. Sumina, Prime Minister Asha’s personal secretary is blamed for sparking the violence. Navin, the blogger finds the truth of who started the campus violence, and reveals a grand conspiracy crafted to jeopardize the Prime Minister’s acceptance and popularity in the public. How will the Prime Minister deal with the sudden uprising? Watch episode 07 of Singha Durbar.

Episode 6

[Errata: The data as delivered at time code 3:47 in the above episode (Episode 6) – ‘For every 1,000 babies born here 190 mothers still die’ – should have been ‘For every 1,00,000 babies born here 190 mothers still die.’]

Episode 5

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1


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