Suntali and Dhurmus become parents to ‘Mini Suntali’

Suntali, Kunjana Ghimire, gave birth to a daughter today in Norvic Hospital, Thapathali on March 14, 2014. The daughter was given birth two weeks earlier to the due date on the suggestion of doctors.

Dhurmus suntali parents to daugher - suntali smiling

Photo: Suntali smiles while Dhurmus is busy sharing the photo in his phone.

Earlier, Suntali was admitted to Om Hospital because of high sugar level. When the situation didn’t improve, she was moved to Norvic Hospital.

Both mother and the child are in good health. Sitaram Kattel, Dhurmus says, "I am very happy on the arrival of goddess Laxmi in my home." In Hindu tradition, the birth of a girl child is considered the arrival of Laxmi, the goddess of wealth.

Dhurmus suntali parents to daugher

About the name, Dhurmus and the family is yet to decied. The name is usually given to the child on the ritual organized on the 11th day of the birth. Until then, Dhurmus suggested a name – ‘Mini Suntali’.

Suntali and Dhurmus got married in Mangsir 14, 2065. After 5 years of the marriage, they have given birth to the first child. Because of the pregnancy and health complication the comedy duo hadn’t been able to focus on ‘Meri Bassai‘. That is considered one of the reasons the serial has become boring these days.

mini suntali - dhurmus daughter

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