Sushma Karki, hot bikini photo shot, interview about Salman Khan meet

Actress Sushma Karki is known as the hottest actress in the Nepali film industry. Sushma had recently done a video shot in a five star hotel in Kathmandu. The bikini shot at the swimming pool was also the topic of news discussion. I had written a report about Sushma Karki’s gossips a while ago. I have updated the post with the latest report (December 2017)

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Actress and model Sushma Karki is always on the top when gossip and scandals are considered. Sushma’s boyfriend scandals, Sushma Karki tattoo scandal, and Sushma Karki photo scandals are some of the most popular scandals on the actress.

First, Sushma Karki boyfriend scandals – Sushma dated Sudarshan Thapa previously. After a long affair they broke up. Sushma found Naren Shrestha and started living with him. But, they also broke up after Sushma accused him of abusing her. After a six-months long break up they got together again and that too didn’t lasted long. They broke up for the second time. At that point, boyfriend scandal and tattoo scandal went together.

Sushma had a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name on her back. After break up, she tried to erase it. But, as a tattoo is permanent and can’t be erased easily, she decided to conceal the tattoo by another tattoo. As a result she has got an ugly tattoo on her back now. (photo from xnepali)

sushma-karki-tattoo-boyfriend name erased

Another tattoo scandal on Sushma’s tattoo was regarding the tattoo of sun on her left breast. The censor board had asked one of the film makers to hide the tattoo in the movie.


At the time Sushma Karki was dating Naren, she wasn’t too cooperative with the film producers. The boyfriend reportedly was too possessive of her and would interfere in her roles. Once, she was kicked out a movie when Sushm and the film makers accused each other of  sexual harassment. Read more about it in xnepali.

Sushma’s beer belly scandal – In a program held in Doha, Qatar on December 30, 2011, Sushma had performed by showing her belly. The size of he belly was talked a lot online at that time (photo from xnepali).

Sushma_Karki_qatar-beer belly

During Sushma Karki’s dance in Malaysia, sushma was wearing very short one piece such that her underwear was clearly visible even when standing. She was criticized for her carelessness during a public performance.


An interview of the actress taken in December 2017 about her meeting Indian actor, Salman Khan about bikini photoshoot, marriage and other issues:

(This is an update to a post made on Oct 17, 2015)

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