Susmita KC talks Anmol KC, divorce, marriage and Bhuwan KC

This interview was taken in the trailer release ceremony of Sushmita KC’s upcoming movie ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hun’. Highlights of this interview:

  • Susmita talks about her upcoming movie ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hun’ and her previous movies.
  • Susmita talks about her confidence about her upcoming movie.
  • She explains why Anmol KC didn’t attend the event. She told why Bhuwan KC couldn’t attend.
  • She told, it has been 15 years she had divorced Bhuwan KC. That was in 2001.
  • She tells that she is happy being alone. She tells that she has enough time for herself. She told, there are a lot of benefits of being a single.
  • Susmita says Anmol is a cultured person. Although she has divorced his father, Anmol balances his time between both the parents.
  • Susmita explains why son Anmol is not featured in the movie ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hun’.
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