Jun 102016

This interview was taken in the trailer release ceremony of Sushmita KC’s upcoming movie ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hun’. Highlights of this interview:

  • Susmita talks about her upcoming movie ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hun’ and her previous movies.
  • Susmita talks about her confidence about her upcoming movie.
  • She explains why Anmol KC didn’t attend the event. She told why Bhuwan KC couldn’t attend.
  • She told, it has been 15 years she had divorced Bhuwan KC. That was in 2001.
  • She tells that she is happy being alone. She tells that she has enough time for herself. She told, there are a lot of benefits of being a single.
  • Susmita says Anmol is a cultured person. Although she has divorced his father, Anmol balances his time between both the parents.
  • Susmita explains why son Anmol is not featured in the movie ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hun’.
  • Interview

Watch the full interview

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