Jan 292014

Do you remember a character by the name Sweety in ‘Tito Satya‘? Sweety, the character playing opposite to Subba Shaheb (Purna Thapa) was played by Ranju Lamichane. Ranju Lamichane had debuted in big screen in a Subhash Gajurel movie ‘Basai’. That was about 13 years ago.

Although she is no longer seen in the comedy serial, she was liked by the comedy serial viewers. Her dialogue, "Dallai ris uthchha ni ta ho" had become very popular at that time.

rajju lamichane - sweety

The real name of Ranju, before she entered the entertainment industry, is Ranjana Lamichane. Ranju is originally from Darjeeling, India.

In the start of 2011 Ranju announced directing a movie featuring actors like Mukesh Dhakal, Keki Adhikari, and Surendra Diyali. The movie told to be made in triangular love story and to be shot in Sikkim and Kathmandu didn’t become a reality.

Not much is heard of Ranju these days. We hope, she will come up with something interesting in future.

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