Apr 092016
Brake Fail (Episode 1) by Jire Khursani team

Popular comedy serial ‘Brake Fail’ is a new television serial by the team of ‘Jire Khursani’. The serial features almost all the artists of ‘Jire Khursani’ except Mundre. Shiva Hari Poudel (Mukhama Hannu Jasto) is Chatang Babu saab. He talks about his big tummy. Chatang Babu talks about his wife (Sabita Gurung – Thuli) The […]

Mar 152016
Meri Bassai, Jire Khursani and Harke Haldar artists promote Bhaag Saani Bhaag

The comedy artists have prepared the following comedy video for the promotion of upcoming movie ‘Bhaag Saani Bhaag’. The actors featured in the video are: Shiva Hari Poudel (Mukhma Hannu Jasto) Kiran KC (Rata Makai) Sandeep Chhetri (What the Flop VJ) Bishnu Sapkota (Harke Haldar) Wilson Bikram Rai (Takme Budha) The movie directed by Nawal […]

Nov 242015
Film artists Jagaran Rally to protest Indian blockade and support Terai protest

Video report on the incident: Highlights of this video: Interview of comedian Rata Makai (Kiran KC). Interview of singer Tika Bhandari. Interview of comedian Shiva Hari Poudel. Interview of actor Ramesh Upreti. Interview of producer Gopal Kayastha. Interview of comedian Dhurmus (Sitaram Kattel). Interview of comedian Rajaram Poudel.

May 132014
Chamsuri, Palpasa Dongol got vegetable and fruits presents on her birthday

Comedy actress Palpasa Dangol (popularly known as Chamsuri in ‘Meri Bassai’) celebrated her birthday on May 13, 2014 in a hotel in Jamal. Last year, she had celebrated her birthday in her home at Balaju but, this year she might have wanted to make it easier by celebrating out of home. In Palpasa’s birthday most […]

Mar 072014
Friday fun-in-a-minute, March 7

A television program is at least half-an-hour long. In the current age of internet, people don’t have that much free time. They want everything in short-cut. That might be the reason, short stories are gaining popularity in these days. We have started a new section in which we will post short comedy programs – probably […]

Aug 232010
Jhaykuti-Bhuichalo and Jire-Meribassai-Titosatya in Gaijatra

This year, there will be two groups of Gaijatra comedy show in Kathmandu. The group of Jhayikuti Jhayi and Bhuichalo will be conducting a show at Rastriya Shaba Griha and another group composing of the artists of comedy shows Tito Satya, Jire Khursani, and Meri Bassai will perform in Pragya Pratisthan. But, both the programs […]

Aug 142010
Comedy artists football match with hotel entrepreneurs in Pokhara

Western Regional Hotel Association entrepreneurs and comedy artistes have played a friendly football match in Pokhara today (August 14, 2010). A team of “Meri Bassai” and “Jire Khursani,” and the team of Association’s member hotels had played the friendly match to promote tourism, developing sports tourism, raise fund for Pokhara Stadium. In the photo above […]