Jun 232017
पारस र हिमानी संगै गणेश मन्दिरमा, What does Paras Himani ganesh puja mean?

Highlights of this video: Pars Shah and Himani Shah were seen together at a Ganesh temple, Jal Binayak at chobhar. They also visited Dakshinkali temple and worshiped the god. It has been years since they were seen together. It seems the relationship is getting a new start by worshiping Ganesh god. Incoming search terms:himani shahnepalenew […]

Apr 022017
पारस, हिमानीको राजशी लुक्स निर्मल निवास भित्र - Himani, Paras, Purnika Royal looks

Highlights of this video: I have found some of the photos of the Bratabandha ceremony of ex-royal prince Hridayendra Shah that was kept away from journalist’s prying eyes. No journalists were allowed to cover the event held in their home, Nirmal Niwas. In the event, ex-princess Himani Shah wore royal looks with a crown on […]

Feb 272017
के पारस र हिमानीलाइ संगै देख्न नपाइने नै हो त ? Why Paras and Himani don't meet.

Highlights of this video: What is the problem in the relationship between the ex-prince Paras Shah and ex-princess Himani Shah. Won’t they ever come together? Paras was in Pashupati on Shiva Ratri. His wife wasn’t with him. Why? Instead his sister was with him. Although Paras seems to be trying hard, it seems, Paras and […]

Dec 302016
जन्मदिन स्पेसल, पुष १५, पारसले राज परंपरा किन तोडे ? Paras broke royal tradition at Gorakhnath

Highlights of this video: Today, Poush 15, is the birthday of ex-prince Paras Shah. On his birthday I am presenting an unknown fact about why Paras visited a temple not usually visited by the members of the Nepali royal family. Traditionally, it was believed that it was not good for the royal family members to […]

Jul 232016
Has Paras shah changed?

Highlights of this video: What is Paras’s relationship with ex-king Gyanendra ? What is Paras’s relationship with Himani Shah ? Has the relationship between Himani and Paras improved? What is the status of Paras Shah drinking problem?