Sep 192017
पल र आँचलको जोडी, भाग्यमानी नै हो त ? शत्रुगतेमा पनि अनुबन्धित, Paul and Aanchal in MaHa Film

Highlights of this video: Paul and Aanchal have landed in MaHa’s upcoming movie, ‘Shatru Gate’. The movie featuring a lot of top graded actors have also included Paul and Aanchal – the new sensation in the Nepali film industry.

Dec 252016
पुजा शर्माको बबाल डान्स, नेफ्टा अवार्डमा । Pooja Sharma, popular actress dance NEFTA 2016

Highlights of this video: Pooja Sharma won the Popular actress award at NEFTA 2016. She also danced on stage with model Paul Shah. Paul and Pooja are going to romance in ‘Ma yesto Geet Gauchhu’. Pooja is rumored to be in relationship with the director Sudarshan Thapa.