Mar 162016
Is Shilpa Pokharel engaged to a NRN ? (Rajatpat video)

It is a common trend of Nepali actresses to marry non-resident-Nepali guys. In a latest report, Nepali actress, Shilpa Pokharel is also engaged to Norway resident Nepali, Binod Karki. News first came in ‘Rajatpat’ program in Nepal Television (full program is attached below) Shilpa was shocked by the news and numerous calls she received after […]

Aug 272014
Rajatpat - August 27, 2014

Filmy program ‘Rajatpat’ was shown in Kantipur TV. Highlights of today’s program Rajatpat: Host Prakash Subedi talks about New Movie Kohinoor’s popularity . This program delivers the latest updates of news and events related to Nepali Movies. He talks about the  success of the movie ‘Chha Eakan Chha’ .