Nov 172017

Highlights of this video: Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal is very popular in Nepal. In an event held recently in India, it seems, he is equally popular in our neighboring country. Nepali residents in all over India love and like him. He was in Chandigarh and was welcomed by a huge crowd.

Mar 102017
करिश्माले राजेश हमाल माथि हमला सहित होलीका झलकहरु - Karishma Rajesh Hamal, Jyoti Magar, Rekha Holi

Highlights of this video: Karishma Manandhar applies colour on Rajesh Hamal. Jyoti Magar at Urlabari Jhapa – Stage show during Holi. Holi Dance. Incoming search terms:nepali xnxxwww xxnx video Jyoti Magaronly nepali xnxxnakhil ko six videosong joti magar xnxxNews Nepail xnxx hd 2074Nepali videoxxnxJyoti nxxnjyoti magar xxnxxnxx joti magar 2017

Feb 132017
ऐतिहासिक प्रेम कथा - राजेश हमालका माता पिताको Rajesh Hamal Parents' Love Story

Highlights of this video: On Valentine Day, I am presenting a very interesting love story of the parents of the Nepali superstar, Rajesh Hamal. Rajesh Hamal’s parents fell in love some 60 years ago. At that time love marriage was rare and wasn’t accepted by families and society. Rajesh Hamal’s father Chura Bahadur Hamal (Chuda […]

Jan 062017
खुब हँसाए संदिप क्षेत्री, मिठाइलाल ज्यादबले, राजेश दाइका कुरा, AOM Rajesh Hamal

Highlights of this video: In the De’ Celebrity Runway 2016, Sandeep Chhetri, popularly known as Mitailal Jyadab, made fun of Rajesh Hamal and the questions journalist ask him. He says: It is the journalist that had forced him to marry. After marriage the Mahanayak has become nobody. Now, journalists are asking him about his child. […]

Jan 052017
झुक्किनुहोला नि यि नक्कली राजेश हमालसंग - Fake Rajesh Hamal, Artist of the Month January

Highlights of this video: A lot of people try to become like the hero in the movies they watch. Rajesh Hamal Mimicry of Rajesh Hamal. I am presenting two people who look similar to Hamal – One is Dr. Hari Sharma and another is actor Shital KC. Shital KC was featured with Hamal in Mero […]

Dec 202016
Rajesh Hamal Jyoti Magar Dhamaka in Surkhet, Highlights

Highlights of this video: Dhamaka of mahanayak Rajesh Hamal and Jyoti Magar in Surkhet mahotsav. Rajesh and Jyoti were the chief guest on the proram held on November 18,2016. Incoming search terms:jyoti magar xnxxxnxx con Rajesh 2017nepali nxnxxnepali rajesh hamal xnxx comPuti nepalirajesh hamal xnxx com nepaliRajesh xnxxcomwww xnxxcom Rajeshxnxx RAJESH HAMA

Nov 172016
राजेश हमालको ब्यंग्य सुजातालाइ ५० लाख दिएकोमा । Rajesh Hamal mocks Sujata

Highlights of this video:   Nepali Congress leader Sujata Koirala was given Rs. 5 million for her treatment. Sujata is the owner of land valued over 2 billion excluding her liquid assets. Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal mocked the government decision to throw away the tax payer’s money.

Nov 072016
Rajesh Hamal Inspirational Speech

Highlights of this video: An inspirational speech by Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal at Sharada University, Delhi, India. Rajesh Hamal remembers his childhood days in India and Pakistan. He lived in India for about a decade. He also studied in Pujab University. He entered the Nepali film industry when it seemingly didn’t have any future. His […]

Jul 272016
Wives of 10 Nepali actors | Rajesh Hamal, Bhuwan KC, Aryan Sigdel

Who are two wives of Shiva Shrestha, Bhuwan KC and Nikhil Upreti. How many children they have? Who are the wives of Aryan Sigdel, Rajesh Hamal, Dayahang Rai, Biraj Bhatta, Jiwan Luitel, Nischal Basnet, Vinay Shrestha, Ramesh Upreiti, Saroj Khanal etc. Incoming search terms:nepali teej xnxx comram krishna nepali songs donlodwww dot Meri Bassai comedy […]