Takem Budho to feature in an Indian TV serial

Nepali comedy actor Wilson Bikram Rai (Takme Budho) is going to be featured in an Indian TV serial soon. In the initiative of actor Sunil Thapa who is currently in Mumbai to act in an Indian movie, actor Wilson signed up to work in the television serial.


Wilson is going to Delhi for the shooting of the unnamed serial in New Delhi. 100-parts-long serial is being directed by film director Ashutosh Gowari. Wilson will be featured as a young Sherpa from Hemanchal state.

Wilson got the name ‘Takme Budho’ after his role of an old ex-British Army in popular serial ‘Meri Bassai‘. In the recent time, Wilson has acted in a lot of Nepali movies and has also signed up in a whooping Rs. 1.6 million for his role in ‘Takme Budho in London’.

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