Takme Budha Wilson Bikram Rai talks about his pay

Comedy actor Wilson Bikram Rai, popularly known as ‘Takme Budha’ after his role in ‘Meri Bassai‘ is told to demand high pay for his role in movies. It was rumored that he had refused the role in ‘Chha Ekan Chha‘ movie when the pay was less than he expected. In the press meet held during the announcement of his upcoming movie ‘Adhakatti’ he clarified the issue on his pay.

takme budho with adhakatti actress

Wilson said, “I have heard about the rumor of my rate. I am not a potato whose price fluctuates a lot.”

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He added, “The pay I get usually got spent during the shooting. Now, you can guess how much I get paid.”

We don’t have any information about what he is being paid but, Wilson has confirmed the report of Rs. 1.6 million pay for his role in ‘Takme Budho Lost in London’.

About his work in ‘Adhakatti’, Wilson told that he didn’t get much pay for the role. He worked in the movie because he liked the script. The movie features Wilson Bikram Rai with actors like Gaurav Pahadi, Ashishma Nakarmi, Rista Basnet, Gambhir Bista and Puspa Acharya in main roles.

adhakatti - wilcon with others

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