Apr 102014

Wilson Bikram Rai, Takem Budho was recently at the playground of Phidim Higher Secondary School telling jokes, stories, dancing and singing songs.

takme budho - panchthar

He told that his first love was a girl in Panchthar. Remembring the 10 years old incident Takme Budho danced on a song titled ‘Makhmali Pacheurile Sanu…’ He also added, "I danced on this song for the first time in Panchthar. Now, I have danced the same dance in more than 40 countries all over the world."

The popular artist of ‘Meri Bassai‘ had arrived in Phidim on April 8 to participate in the cultural and entertainment program. The program themed to promote art, literature and fight against drug abuse featured actress Richa Singh Thakuri, singer and mucisian Tara Prakash imbu, Kanchan Thalang, and singer Sujan Shankar. The singer and musician Tara Prakash Limbu sang ‘Baby I Love You…’

The cultural program was organized by Theater Nepal. The organizer has promised to donate 40 percent of the profit to the blind students of Gadhi High School.

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