Ten Actresses who did inter-caste marriage

Actress who chose intercaste marriages like Karishma Manandhar, Pooja Chand, Melina Manandhar, Sweta Khadka, Usha Khadgi, Zenisha Moktan, Diya Maskey.


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The list of actresses who did inter-caste marriage are:

– Karishma Manandhar (Originally Karishma KC became a Manandhar after marrying Binod Manandhar)

– Pooja Chand (Originally Pooja Pariyar married Suraj Chand and now married to Raju Lama)

– Saranga Shrestha (Originally married to a US citizen. Now married to Ramesh Karki)

– Melina Manandhar (married to Mukesh Dhakal)

– Usha Khadgi (married to GP Timilsina)

– Zenisha Moktan (Dikesh Malhotra)

– Malvika Subba (married to Riyaz Shrestha)

– Diya Maskey (Anup Baral)

– Prakriti Shrestha (Sudeep Neupane)

– Sweta Khadka (Shree Krishna Shrestha)

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