Tito Satya, June 5, 2014

Watch the June 5 episode of the popular TV serial ‘Tito Satya‘. Like May 29 episode, this is the second episode in which there is no Deepak Raj Giri. Deepak has announced about leaving the serial and now Deepa Shree is carrying the full load of the serial.

Watch this episode to know:

  • How the TV show ‘Sabhasad Sanga Ek Din’ progresses.
  • Listen a Sabhasad explaining why they won’t be drafting a constitution.
  • How the interview was modified and how the journalists are punished.

deepa in tito satya

Watch the serials in 4 parts (We are sorry, it’s Media Hub’s idea to make it tough for you to watch):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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