Top 5 Dashain 2015 photos, Sunday Funday

Everybody shares Dashain photos these days. It is no longer fun to share photos of celebrities with red Tika in forehead and green Jamara on their hair or ears.

top 5 dashain photos

One thing I found interesting was to see the relatives of the celebrities. But, it’s too bad, none of them are as glamorous as the celebrity themselves. My interest waned as fast as it arose. Dashain is the festival of meeting the elderly so most of the celebrities are receiving Tika from their elders – most preferably, grand parents or parents. Well, that didn’t stopped me from finding the top 5 interesting photos this year’s Dashain.

I however, found some of the following interesting in this Dashain:

  • Karishma Manandhar cooking on firewood for the Dashain party at her home.
  • Dilip Rayamajhi and his wife’s photo of bowing to the feet of their daughter
  • Reema BK celebrates Dashain also her family practice Christianity.
  • Why doesn’t Rejesh Hamal celebrate Dashain on the first day of Tika?
  • Jenisha Moktan and Dikesh Malhotra treat themselves as husband-wife even before the official marriage ceremony.
  • Comedian Ratan Subedi has a daughter living in Australia


Top 5 Dashain Photos of 2015.

Why Rajesh Hamal doesn’t celebrate Dashain in first day?

Marriage news of Miss Nepal 2009 Zenisha Moktan

Photos :

Karishma Manandhar cooking on firewood for the Dashain party at her home (from xnepali)

Dilip Rayamajhi and his wife bow to the legs of their daughter in USA:

Reema BK Dashain photo:

Zenisha Moktan and Dikesh Malhotra Dashain pose:

zenisha moktan and dikesh dashain 2015

Rajesh Hamal on a swing:

rajesh hamal in swing 2015


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