Dayahang Rai in Tough Talk, an interview, January 13, 2016

This program was shown in Kantipur TV. Highlights of this interview:

  • In this interview Dil Bhushan Pathak tells about the background of Dayahang Rai.
  • Dayahang tells about the things he doing these days.
  • Dayahang says he is totally different in real life when compared to his roles in movies.
  • Dayahang talks about his dreams and how he came to Kathmandu.
  • Dayahand also explains the details of his childhood.
  • Dayahang remembers how he got the first break in acting.
  • Dayahang and Bhushan talk about different movies of Dayahang.
  • Dil Bhushan ask Dayahang why the audience like him


Watch the full video

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