Ukali Orali – June 2014 episodes

The June 28 version of ‘Ukali Orali’ is sandesh and the callers choice program. The host Babina

The highlights of today’s episode:

  • “Hira Moti Jhai…” by Manju Mahat
  • “Chanchale Yo Man …” by Gokul Rauat and Parbati Karki
  • “Dhuwan Sari …” by Ramji Khand and Manju Poudel
  • “Hatma Rato Jhola…” by Raju Pariyar and Devi Gharti
  • “Phul Phulye ra pahelo bhayo …” by Ramji Khand and Samjhana Lamichane

Watch the video and music video:

ukali orali june 28

Ukali Orali, June 27, 2014, Skype edition

On Friday, Skype call is the special show of Ukali Orali connecting Nepali from all over the world. In this episode:

Today’s highlight:

  • “Hari hari hari hari naran … “
  • “Yo Kanchi ko Galama kothi…” by Bhojraj Kafle, Hema Tamang and Gita Tamang

The callers in this episode are from foreign countries.

Watch the full video:

Ukali Orali – June 26, 2014

The Thursday episode of Ukali Orali is a talent episode in which the callers can sing their songs. Some callers sing lok geet and a caller also tell Ghazal.

Highlights of this week’s Ukali Orali are:

  • “Madalu Bajyo…” by Geeta and Manish Khadka
  • “Sirma Rato Dori…” by Puskal Sharma and Maina Reshmi Magar
  • “Mailai Heri Heri …”

Watch the full video of Ukali Orali of June 26:

Ukali Orali – June 25, 2014

The musical program ‘Ukali Orali’ features Jhalak section on every Wednesday. In this week, Anusha presents some visuals and the callers have to identify the singers and title of the song.

ukali orali june 25

This week we have posted the highlights at the end of the post so that if you want, please don’t scroll down to know the answers.

Watch the video:

To keep the suspense living, don’t look at the following info:
There were two jhalak’s in today’s program. Highlights of the show are:

  • ‘Kale ma Kale…’ singers Thaneshowr Gautam and Lali Budhathoki
  • ‘Supari jai ko mala …’ by Abhaya Dhungel

Ukali Oralli – June 24, 2014

The Tuesday edition of the folk song and lok dohori program ‘Ukali Orali’ features Gau Khane Katha. The callers to the program will be asked a Gaukhane Katha question. The winner will can get a photo taken and the photo with a frame will be free for the winner.

Gaukhane Katha -> Golo chha football hoina, seto chha chandrma hoina, rasilo chha aap jastai tara aap pani hoina.

Saano chanda chimotchan thulo bhyepachi nichorchan

The highlights of this episode are:

  • ‘Cricket …’ by Pashupati Sharma and Ramesh Raj Bhattarai
  • ‘Aaipugyo Naulo maag …’ by Amrita Lagneli Magar and Hemanta Ale
  • ‘Jhare ma ta hoi laltinai bokera …’ rodhi song

Watch the full video:

ukali orali june 24

Ukali Orali – June 23, 2014

On Monday episode of ‘Ukali Orali’ Anusha Poudel presents live lok dohori. Today’s episode presents live presentation of Kanthe dohori songs.

The guests of the day are Ram Thapa Shishir and Uma Shrestha. As usual Ishowri Prasad Bhusal is on madal and Anusha helps in tambourine. The song is “Ful Fulyo Pahelai Balla Bhet Bhayo Hitaiko Mayalai …”. Only one caller, Deepika, sang the dohori song with the guests.

Watch the half hour program:

ukali orali june 23

Ukali Orali – June 22, 2014 (Guest, Shiva Narayan Joshi) is not available
Nepali musical program “Ukali Orali” of Sunday is a guest day. The guest of the day is Shiva Narayan Joshi, a ‘Ghase’ song singer and collector. Ghase song is a Dohori song. The song doesn’t need musical instruments and they can be sung anywhere.

Ukali Orali – June 21, 2014

The June 21, 2014 edition of the popular music program ‘Ukali Orali’ continues to talk to music fans and feature music videos of various genres. In this episode the program host Anuska presents the following features:

  • “Royaeko Dekhe Sapanima…” by Deepsagar and Beli Maya Gorkhali (Director Shiva BK)
  • “Dhuwan sasri failechha kuro ta …” by Ramji Khand and Mandu Poudel. (director Kshitiz Chand)
  • “Yesai Mero Sarumaa raani” by Milan Lama
  • “Chanchale yo man” by Gokul Raut, Parbati Karki

Watch the full video:

ukali orali june 21

The June 20 edition of Ukali Orali is a Skype edition of the program. The viewers can call the program host through VOIP program Skype and the callers will also be shown in the program.

In today’s episode:

  • “Bhojpur, Khotang, Okhaldhunga … “
  • “Timro Gunako …” by Kumar Pun and Devi Gharti
  • “Maryo ni mayale…” by Lali Budhathoki and Thaneshowr Gautam

Watch the video:

ukali orali june 20

This episode of musical program ‘Ukali Orali’ is a showcase of the talent of the callers. The callers can sing song, tell poems, jokes and other talents.

Highlights of June 19 edition of Ukali Orali :

  • All the callers sing songs.
  • ‘Cricket Khelna Janchhu …’ by Pashupati Sharma and directed by Sitaram Kattel
  • ‘Maile Ferne har saas…’

Watch the full program in two parts:

Part 1

Part 2

ukali orali june 19

The June 18 edition of the musical program ‘Ukali Orali’ by Anusha features following details. On Wednesdays, the program features clips of music videos. The viewers should identify the singers of the song and the title of the song.

The program features:

  • Music video ‘Patanai ko patalo chiura…’ by Tulasi Parajuli
  • Music video ‘Pachyauri Leu Baina …’ by Ramji Khand and Bishnu Majhi
  • Music video ‘Yati Bani Sudhara …’ by Pashupati Sharma and Rita Thapa Magar
  • ‘Chiya Chiya bhaisakyo… ‘ by Sindu Malla and Ramchandra Kafley

Watch the video:

ukali orali

Karuna presents the June 14th (Saturday) edition of Ukali Orali. The program features Lok Geet, lok Dohori and modern music videos.

In this episode:

  • ‘Euta Aatma Chha …’ by Pashupati Sharma
  • ‘Dhuwa Sari’ Ramji Khand and Manju Poudel
  • ‘Circket khanlna Janyo … ‘ by Pashupati Sharma
  • ‘Aaipgyo Naulo …’ Hemanta Ale and Amrita Magar
  • ‘Ful Fulyo ra pahelo bho …’ Ramji Khand

Watch the video:

ukali orali

Ukali Orali – June 10, 2014
Tuesday is Gau Khane Katha day in Ukali Orali. Karuna is the host of the show. In this episode, Karuna asks Gau Khane Katha –

“A B hoina C agaadi. Raaja hoina rani agadi.”

Songs in the show are:

  • Euta Aatma Chha – by Pashupati Sharma and Bishnu Majhi
  • Dhankuta Danda Bazar – by Rajesh Payal Rai and Juna Prasai
  • Dhuwan Sari – by Ramji Khand and Manju Poudel

You can guess while you watch the video:

Callers from Kathmandu call at 4006533 and those from out of Kathmandu and abroad can call in 4006534.

ukali orali karuna

June 9, 2014 Ukali Orali

Nepali lok geet program Ukali Orali features dohori, lok music and modern music videos. The general public can participate in this program to reach their near and dear ones.

In this episode of Ukali Orali you can watch two singers Sagar Birahi, and Janaki Tarani Magar singing live Dohari in the program. One of the hosts, Ishwari Prasad Bhusal supports in madal.

Other musical presentations are:

  • New song of Janaki Tarani Magar with Ramji Khand featuring Parbati Rai – “Sabai dekhchhu taruni….”
  • Live dohori is titled “Jhim Jhim Sanu …” between Sagar Birahi and Janaki Magar
  • Phone callers also participate in dohori song.

Enjoy the program video:

ukali orali

The June 6 episode of folk song program ‘Ukali Orali’ is a typical Nepali cultural program in which the viewers can see the songs of their choice. The viewers can also call the program through Skype.

Watch video:

Ukali Orali can be seen in Image Channel at 12PM to 1 PM. Watch the talk program to watch music videos of lok geet, modern songs, and lok dohori.

ukali orali

Ukali Orali, May 31, 2014

The folk music program ‘Ukali Orali’ is a live musical program. The music videos featured in the program are based on the demand of the viewers.

The callers in Kathmandu can call the number 4006533 to reach UKali Orali host Anusha Poudel. The listeners from the places out of Kathmandu can call in 4006534.

ukali orali phone

The music on-demand program Ukali Orali featured in Image Channel might be the best place for you to dedicate some songs for your loved ones.

Ukali Orali – June 29, 2014 (Ashad 15 episode)

In today’s episode, Karuna talks to Prem Sharma, a lok singer. Prem tells about his back ground, start in music field, interesting stuffs and a lot of his personal and professional experiences.

Being Ashad 15 – Nepali eat a special dish – Dahi Chiura. Karuna also offers the dish to Prem.

In today’s episode music videos of Prem Sharma are the main attractions:

  • “Mayale Bolayo…” by Chandra Sharma and Sakuntala Thapa
  • “Kanacho Surti (maayayo anikaal)” by Chandra Sharma

Watch the full episode:

ukali orali june 29

Ukali Orali – June 30, 2014

Ukali Orali – The host of today’s ‘Ukali Orali’ Anusha Poudel and like every Monday, she is presenting Dohori in today’s episode.

The guests in the episode are – Sanjay Dimple and Sarita Karki (from Udaypur). Anusha and Ishwari Prasad Bhusal (on Madal) are taking care of the music. The Dohori is ‘Dhaulagiri ma sake gun tiraula …’

The full episode is live Dohori with each other and with the callers of the program.

Watch the full episode:

ukali orali june 30

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