Dec 142015

Popular comedy show ‘What The Flop’ was shown in Kantipur TV. Highlights of this program:

  • Today’s program features an interview with Komal Oli.
  • Sandip and Komal talks about Komal’s beauty.
  • Sandip asks Komal in this time why you are powerful.
  • Komal talks about KP Oli’s work as the prime minister.
  • Sandi and Komal talks about Komal’s age in funny style.
  • Komal talks about one of her performance.
  • She says Nepali Lok Geet are very popular in foreign countries and people love Lok Song.
  • Sandip asks Komal the reason she hasn’t married yet and when she is going to marry.
  • Komal explains the reason she didn’t marry?

What The Flop

Watch the full video

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