Feb 082016

Popular comedy program ‘What The Flop’ was shown in Kantipur TV. Highlights of this program:

  • Today’s program is interview of Sarbendra Khanal.
  • Host Sandip asks Sarbendra why he is nervous ?
  • Sandip asks Sarbendra why he wasn’t wearing his uniform?
  • Sarbendra explains why he had killed Chari, the notorious don?
  • Sandip jokes if Sarbendra is going to arrest Amitav Bachan and Sarukh Khan as they both are dons in movies?
  • Sarbendra and Sandip make a joke on boyfriends.
  • Sandip ask Sarbendra about the time he first thought of joining the police force.
  • Sarbendra also talks about his dancing skills.
  • Sarbendra talks about the kind of person that fit to do the job of a police officer.
  • Sandip asks Sarbendra why police why police treat thieves so badly.
  • Sandip asks if the victory of the Nepali football team was because of Sarbendra Khanal.

What the flop

Watch the full comedy program

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