Who is Jaya Ojha – the CA Member of Tito Satya ?

Actress Jaya Ojha became popular in a role of a Constituent Assembly (CA) member in the popular comedy serial ‘Tito Satya‘. The actress however prefers to introduce herself as a writer rather than an actress. She is the lyricist of a music-album titled ‘Kadam’.

Jaya Ojha - actress writer (3)

In addition to writing lyrics, Jaya also writes stories and scripts of movie. It has been years since she released her debut album ‘Kadam’ and she is planning a new album soon. Apart from that she has also written script of three movies. She is mulling over other movies offers.

Jaya started her career as a writer and being actress was just a coincidence. Apart from acting in Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula‘s ‘Tito Satya’ she has also acted in some Nepali and Bhojpuri movies.

Jaya’s likes:

  • Optimistic – Jaya likes a person with positive thoughts, specially towards women.
  • Formal looks – Jaya is attracted towards guys in suit and shirts. They have good dress sense and look good.
  • Sweet smile – Jaya believes a personality is hidden in smile. So, she is attracted towards a sweet smile.

Jaya Dislikes:

  • Selfish – Jaya doesn’t like people who are full of self and brag about themselves.
  • Proud of their wealth – She also doesn’t like people who brag about their wealth.
  • Bad personality – Jaya also dislikes when people hide their realities to impress others.
  • Rude – Jays says, “No woman likes a rude person.”

A couple of photos of Jaya are attached below. (Photo credit – Jaya Ojha)

Jaya Ojha - actress writer (2)

Jaya Ojha - actress writer (4)

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