Who is Sangam Rai, Lovely of Meri Bassai and Jhayaikuti Jhyai ?

Comedy actress Sangam Rai is popularly known as the character Lovely in ‘Meri Bassai‘ and ‘Jhyaikuti Jhyai’. The character Lovely of Daman Rupakheti had been a very popular character in the comedy serials. Sangam was absent in the industry for about half a year when she went to Malaysia to study Hotel Hospitality course.

Sangam-Rai lovely

The real name of Sangam is Chandrakala Rai. Thinking that the name wasn’t glamorous enough, Chandrakala changed it to Sangam.

Sangam says, "I changed the name to be modern. But, after the popularity of the name Lovely in ‘Jhayikuti Jhayi’, everybody calls me by that name."

After returning back to Nepal, Sangam is busy in acting in television serials and music videos.

Sangam used to have affair with a  guy but he turned out to be unfaithful. After the break up, Sangam finds it hard to trust other guys. She says, she is still looking for the right person.

Do  you know somebody who could be Lovely’s fit ?

sangam rai lovely

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1 thought on “Who is Sangam Rai, Lovely of Meri Bassai and Jhayaikuti Jhyai ?

    D.B. Subba

    (March 23, 2016 - 12:00 am)

    Yes, everybody must choose a right person in a right time. Many celebrities are having same problems around the world because they are doing love affair without understanding each other. Don’t worry ! Lovely, there is a saying: ” Old goes , new one comes. ” I trust you, you will get a right person one day.

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